Where is the 5th phalange

Because a skeleton is formed,all condyle of person body is completely, and very important real sense is had among this kind of skeleton and skeleton, what should give agnail is additional, also can affect other nerve tendon, the place that what bone of the 5th Zhi is, the bone joint disease that also can understand oneself in that way gives the circumstance of problem actually to fall in what position, OK also the rapidder position that seeks condyle develops regular examination cure.

State basically

Demit sea is stated mediumly, those who form sole is medium or small long bone. Be equal to the metacarpal of the hand. Be close to tarsus and phalange. In the body, every are suf西安夜网

ficient have 5, even at Zuo foot call the first Zhi bone, following it is early or late the 2nd to bone of the 5th Zhi.

Zhi bone cartilage is phlogistic

Major person feels great majority of this ill ill hair and scar are relevant, and accumulate sexual muscle strain relatively the possibility that damages is large, the epiphysis that lives in face of Zhi bone joint board with condyle 南京夜网论坛

cartilage of not complete fracture basically cause. Because bone of the 2nd Zhi is good at other Zhi bone,also some of person feels, and be carried nearly in bone of the 2nd Zhi be wrapped to circle by place of bone of the 3rd wedge again, mobile force is least, bone of the Zhi when loading assumes crustal stress bigger, reason is easy cause be short of courage and uprightness necrotic. In addition, capabilities of muscle of schoolgirl foot ministry is poorer, arch is inferior, bring about 2, line of dirty of bone of 3 Zhi bone loads a large number of, this may be this disease common at 8-17 year old the schoolgirl’s reason.

Clinical symptom

Children of this ill common Yu Qing’s teenager, it is more commonly after 13 years old ill hair, blame with 8-17 year old the schoolgirl sees more, occupy about 75% . Measure disease to send similar up and down, 10% additionally for two side disease is sent. Common at bone of the 2nd Zhi, meet other Zhi bone. The Zhi foot joint of drag in often is extended too, the activity is restricted significantly, when compulsive music is bent or touching the ground with sufficient needle, aching aggravate. Urgent matter can touch the bone that touch Zhi brawny, pressure ache. Patient arch is inferior, horizontal bend is lax, or accompany slight slope travel. In later period because Zhi bone Peng is big, articulatory range is not full smooth, have proliferation of bone go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married and be oppressed its issue foot nerve, cause durative ache, condyle and have fricative.