The odds that bang of first time bang is pregnant

Everybody is aimed at when sexual life is to be able to be pregnant this one problem takes seriously especially, these still do not think everybody is pregnant lady when sexual life is to use a few contraceptive methods, use condom for example, take prophylactic or be it is ligation operation and its belt annulus these. And some people are when sexual life too cross excitement to be able to return this kind of situation that did not use contraceptive method, fall in the circumstance of first time especially, is bang of that Zuo first time bang pregnant odds how many money?

If the lady is to be in,oviposit period is pregnant namely the odds that crises is pregnant is very big, although do not have,be to have be pregnant likely, because fluid of a few love when bang is medium,also contain the male spermatozoon of certain amount, it was entered also is to have pregnant possibility inside the vagina, natural and mere possibility is not to carry out an opinion without doubt: Have be pregnant likelihood but probability relativity wants a little bit small, what ought to 5% fluctuation are pregnant is likely, want to play after the proposal with respect to security amuse oneself, wear condom to play, use contraceptive already measure prevents a disease to was not killed again to health of body and mind again, it is most security is best yes method,

A few contraceptive means:

1, safe period use contraceptive

Be aimed at these physiology are periodic in daily life the lady of regularity, may choose the method that uses safety period to use contraceptive to use contraceptive measure, although this kind of contraceptive measure also can accomplish opposite contraceptive step practical effect, but the lady that basically is periodic to these physiology regularity begins oviposit period not easily in body of security deadline wife, it is the good luck that after male spermatozoon enters female body, did not meet with oocyte.

2, condom contraceptive measure

In daily nowadays life, it is postnuptial couple Zuo no matter it is the man woman in love, it is the method that uses condom contraceptive measure commonly, as a result of this kind of contraceptive measure not only convenient, and security is reasonable. In addition, apply this kind of contraceptive measure to still can be on certain level reasonable check the alternate type infection of the bacteria, be aimed at health of bilateral body and mind is very beneficial completely, but apply the circumstance of this广州夜网

kind of contraceptive means to fall, must choose these character to have ensured condom, dry 10 thousand cannot have an insatiable desire for petty gain choose and buy a few false and inferior safety are covered, cause an effect very easily to health of body and mind, still do not rise to go up opposite contraceptive step is concrete the effect.

3, contraceptive annulus contraceptive measure

In the light of these have little baby already in daily life, but forbid to be pregnant again fully, the lady that conceives the child, the likelihood just was giving birth to the method that 上海夜生活论坛

contraceptive annulus contraceptive measure can use after little baby, this kind of contraceptive measure can have first-rate contraceptive measure practical effect.

4, urgent use contraceptive contraceptive measure

Be aimed at these young in daily life couple or be it is love medium man woman, daily life cram is enthusiastic, the possibility leaves in the circumstance that make love and did not have use contraceptive method, because the lady is taken after visit room,feed prophylactic to be able to have first-rate contraceptive measure practical effect.