The method of wine of Chinese cynomorium bubble

Chinese cynomorium is plant of parasitism of quality of a material of a kind of flesh, the key grows region of and other places of the Xinjiang province that development is in China, the Gansu Province. Can make Chinese cynomorium air later blindly material of very first-rate Chinese herbal medi西安夜生活论坛

cine, the crucial utility of Chinese cynomorium depends on easy this world of filling kidney Zhuang Yang. Use the bee wine that soak of Chinese cynomorium bubble goes to especially, the effect of filling kidney Zhuangyang that has to place of man human body is more outstanding. The article content now unscrambled those who use wine of Chinese cynomorium bubble actually to concern way for we all.

Means of wine of Chinese cynomorium bubble

Chinese cynomorium 1Kg of alcoholic drink of pure food of 100 grams bubble is OK. It is better that if cooperate material of other Chinese traditional medicine one case each other,practical effect meets bubble. Filling kidney Zhuang Yang, embellish bowel, strong waist genu. Advocate groups smelt metal is small impotent, the woman is infecund, hematic withered constipation, lumbar genu Wei is weak.

Secret recipe of wine of Chinese cynomorium bubble

Filling kidney Zhuang Yang makes wine of essence of life (health care of preserve one’s health is long-lived hygiene) secret recipe: Desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola 50 grams, yin sheep is suddenly 125 grams, day of Chinese cynomorium, Ba Ji, Huang Qin, cultivated land each 62 grams, jujube skin, make add piece, medlar of cinnamonic pink, the rhizome of chuanxiong, each 22 grams, mulberry child, dodder each 34 grams, leek child, before benevolence each 16 grams, licorice 25 grams, pure food alcoholic drink 2500 grams. The method that make: Produce Tu Yaosheng treatment to break, hold bag of thin silk cloth, pitch mouth, put into altar inside, take pure food alcoholic drink, the sealing on the lid, the place with shady and cool buy. Unseal after 7-15 day city, take castration bag, worry unnecessarily response is become already. Action: Essence of filling kidney beneficial, essence of filling kidney solid, fight consenescence to delay year. Applicable kidney empty is impotent, male spermatozoon reduces disease, lumbar acerbity genu is soft, limply, tinnitus, dizzy wait. It is to order the man infecund barren nostrum. Man of health of body and mind is taken feed, can receive the effect that healthy health care improves the health. Feed a law: Everyday 3, every time 25-50ml, with respect to dish drink is taken before eat. Advertent: Cold patient of disease of calorific, liver, intestines and stomach, do not suit to take feed.

Clam Jie fills greatly wine raw material: Desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola, chinese cynomorium, clam Jie, pilose antler piece, dangshen, boreal Qi, the rhizome of chuanxiong, notopterygium, longan flesh, ba Ji day, yam, smoked jujube, pure food alcoholic drink. Action: Beneficial is angry, zhuang Yang of beneficial kidney filling kidney, beneficial enrages the Yue Yan that raise blood. To empty caustic asthma coughs, impotent premature ejaculation, genu soft limb is cold, pee frequency, god of gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it declines effect having fine. Feed a law: Early, midday, late all but extenuatory edible,

Secret recipe of 3 treasure wine: Ginseng of Jie of desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola, Chinese cynomorium, clam, silk moth, hill, pilose antler piece, sheep of medlar, Yin is suddenly, pure food alcoholic drink. Action: Zhuang Yang of filling kidney of filling gas blood. Applicable constitution empty is cold, lienal kidney empty, wei cold limb is cold, impotent and frequent seminal emission. Feed a law: Day is taken 2 times, every time 10-30ml, lukewarm take yuan raw material of filling body wine: Kidney of medicine of desert cistanche Cistanche desekticola, unripe glutinous rehmannia, yam, dodder, dog, medlar, n/bot glossy privet child, flesh of dogwood of teasel root, the root of herbaceous peony, hill, wine. Action: Filling kidney is strong in relief lukewarm filling kidney is in relief. Applicable lienal kidney empty, kidney essence deficit, impotent and frequent seminal emission, premature eja南漳微信小程序开发

culation, lumbar acerbity leg is soft, female secretion, official holiday quantity is little wait for disease. Feed a law: Day is taken 2 times, every time 10-30ml, lukewarm take.