Be plunged into by nail the foot has small macula

Be nailed not carefully to plunge into a foot by steel, although dress shoe, but steel hammer is too long too keen, Zuo was to plunge into the skin in, although not deep, but also be very those who ache, gradually good hind disclosure stays had macula. Be nailed to plunge into a foot to have macula by steel the state is very extensive, if do not have the disease that has unwell feeling, because steel nailed a few dirty stuffs to enter skin surface,be probably. Natural, if be cut,infection was bothered.

One, was nailed to plunge into a foot by steel, good hind, the area that plunge into has a small macula how to should do

This question is not big, the likelihood awaits

a few dirty stuffs to be sent cuticular layer in those days, if already produced scar cyst this morning, the watch already was controlled tomorrow morning. If strut did not wait sorely, can need not solve. If have strut ache, or it is other and unwell feeling, can go to a hospital choosing operation cure. Can watch actually check a paragraph of later in clear.

2, after the foot is nailed to plunge into by steel, cut decrescent macula is serious

Patient share may go infection, the part begins alcohol or proposal patient plays a bit treat is it is iodic bend over the disinfection that disinfects fluid is antiseptic solve, the clinical symptom that the patient alludes and tetanus did not have instantly associated, but patient Zuo is the injection that ought to begin tetanic antitoxin, prevent tetanic infection.

3, was nailed to plunge into this how to do by steel

1, if do not take care to be plunged into to come by steel hammer,arrive, and cut bleeds, squash as far as possible first one part corrupt blood, see steel hammer have rust, if have rust, cannot solve with proper motion, need to go the hospital around or wholesome station cure.

2, if steel nails appraise to measure,did not have rust, cut is not deep, and cut periphery is relatively clean still, most wash clean two tactics first, squash once more corrupt blood, suck cut with the mouth corrupt blood is spat come, relapse 2~3 second.

3, if oneself has the medicaments obligate that solves cut, can use alcohol, or cross oxidation hydrogen to give cut disinfection, stick with cut, or it is clean environment healthful sanded clo

th, affix cut, safeguard what cut; hurts lay particular stress on and have a level to be able to brush obliteration phlogistic ointment again in affected part, did not have also can replace with erythromycin eye ointment.

4, so daily that change cut is stuck or sanded cloth, change the disinfection when just was wounded repeatedly before antiseptic, on medical fluid whole process, and should watch additionally in what change investigate cut rehabilitate condition, if cut is red,be in gradually abreaction, after can lasting 3 days, already did not stick cut, let cut gradually heal.