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all6Fujian Fujian is recollected              Fujian Fujian is recollectedAc北京龙凤419论坛ERquaintance is in 2007, nowadays is however 2012, day true fuck is fast (bad idea, not be reallyWant to tell fuck of purpose, just, honest too fast, let me quickly blurt out this word) . I already was not written down is be the one side that you see below what environment, remember forever however, you standSturdy on dais and tender say to us, do 3 things for me please, the first, handle is raised come; The 2nd, Close; The 3rd, put. The movement that this is thankful namely… this is you enter into an election contest the monitor’s oath, I all the time all the time clear in that way write down, because you are my only competitor,be being written down at first is, I am afraid, I fear, I am excited, all engravingSuffering imprints on the mind. Later, because you are to give me warmth,I am written down is the dear that to me courage gives me me what force shows loving care for to me, Can I forget how again? (hemp having a place, it is to send however from the heart, you know) I remember us getting online together all nightSee a movie get a space, come back to sleep next do not wake human affairs; I remember us eating same bowl egg to fry a meal together, eatMore than the pig; I remember us be versed in to manage by bicycle together, co上海花千坊爱上海me back lumbar acerbity backache; I remember us sleeping samePiece bed, you hold firmly after my not self-conscious slumber; I remember me often doing not have money, (won’t conduct financial transactions) next youScold at the same time give me money at the same time; I remember us shopping together buy in Zhen Weisi like nerve one-time buy so much clothesTake; I remember us one case KT, jump so ugly that drop the dance for two people of broken bits. I remember… too much and too much. You always develop me warmly hey hey laugh like saying I resemble fool; You always areIn me alone and helpless when blaming detest, leisurely says to fasten such falling; You always are giving me to be done for me a lot of help a lot ofAfter the thing very free and easy say to do not have a thing; You always are opposite when encountering difficulty I say, of Mom, father does not want to work. You always are… too much and too much… I am taking the violet gauze bird that you send me all the time, the red that you send me is surroundedTowel I still am being put, the black underwear that you send me follows gules bedgown I return dr上海贵族宝贝论坛RFess, like that, your birthday, I however neverChoose a gift meticulously for you. This is me very regretful also be very the thing of compunction ah! I know, my do not have a heartDo not have lung to make you sad pass; My on wings is self-righteo千花网论坛约会归来us let you had been been fed up with; My be indifferent to make you disappointed pass; Idegenerate escape make you helpless pass; My immature let you pass to m上海千花 女生自荐y give up the idea forever with selfishness. But, dear, you did not abandon me all the time however, do not leave do not abandon, this is I am in those time most gladComfort the happiest thing. You can know, do not leave do not abandon, i

t is to need how old adamancy to follow courage, at me it isWhat kind of fortune! Dear, not other, follow you infirmly to say sound is thanked infirmly, you know, I love you(it is true) ! So ” g e is confused ” individual character autograph is expunged, I see understanding aches, also because of this, I said so many disgusting word, I won’t convey emotive easily really, so, you should expunge it to comfortJie the character that I write down for you, ? Dear, you are so good, how is the meeting not happy? How is the meeting not happy?? This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-12-5 14:57 editors7 editors