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This sticking obtain acknowledg全国凤凰楼信息网站EFment X in all5Be the same as the passing traveller of stranger all right              Be the same as the passing traveller of stranger all rightLast night, in broadcasting station FM88. The agreement of early morning of ” of a 90 program in ” , heard compere to sayFace a paragraph of word: ” the passing traveller in life. In this silent night, the past one act one act has waved like smoke, those distinctive affection had waved gently like wind, Have the past event that already precipitated more, in the special clarity that emerges at this moment. Life cannot assume, also cannot come again, a lot of people can be the passing traveller that my pupil hits the target, perhaps have individualIntersect with our bosom friend, can be sassafras shoulder only mostly and over- . Temporary encounter, can give us the solace of a few warmth, but if persistent think OK and free human society, The outcome is destined possibly to be上海2020龙凤come a kind to manacle, become each other a kind of torment. Suffer the joyance of acquaintance, experience the sadn上海龙凤阁RFess of too much depart, you will be sober perhaps, good perhaps this won’tLong, visional the feeling in is spring dream bout only. Only, oneself soul, hold the post of it free. “Believe a lot of people are met pa

ssing traveller is encountered in his life, as to encounter the scene when, criterion each notWith. But no matter his feeling is exquisite, should touch somewhat, the passing traveller that can make he is touched of course appears also rather hePassing traveller differs somewhat. The film ” if? Love ” in, two hand in youths of tired out still 上海大龙凤EFare each goes his own way after all, on spiritSolace is overpowering the deficient of materially, succumb then the temptation at reality. After even if is old, encounter again, Also be the Tu Lehou on two faces’ thick greasepaint, in the person of the join in the fun on occasion in respective life. Life always cannot be comedic, Always that is short of regret more to make a person deep heave a sigh. Give birth to the passing traveller that hit the target, resemble the view of roadside, the firework of night sky, but the edge walks along an edge to view and admire, cannot stop. Get together sometimes, depart is not had period. Such, after the scenery just can be in not Duan Fu shows brain, firework just can be after disil上海贵族宝贝论坛RFlusionContinue the heart reserves recall with deep emotion. If the crowd is medium, we encounter again, however already form with stranger, just now and then, have familiar tasteWave fall between the heart, can you still gaze at me later? Probably, the illusion that the familiar figure that that shines and passes is me only……… This card is final by Shu Zuo at 2012-11-13 21:39 editors9 editors