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all14Vital small letterThe information age of change quickly, the communication between the mankind develops clinking, from the earth the thing of happening of the Western Hemisphere arrives east halfBall need not a few seconds witting. Just about so the network news age that develop, ecbolic generation of another generation instantCommunication tool. Begin from Feburary 1999, the network that is a delegate with Tecent QQ talks about day tool to be born immediately. Arrive from 99 years now, instant chatting times of China experienced 13 year, be these year notStop development, our communication is more and more convenient, cost is lower and lower. But, these tools bring a person profitAlso brought darkness at the same time, I am about to say Tecent is newest today the dark side of the tool — vital small letter. Above all, should we know what small letter is? Small letter is Tecent company was pushed on January 21, 2011One when go out sends speech short message, video, picture and script quickly through the network, support the mobile phone that much crowd talks aboutChatting software. The user can have in form through small letter and good friend more rich be similar to letter of short message, colour to waitThe connection of means. Itself of small letter software is completely free, use any functions won’t collection charge, produce when small letter上海龙凤自荐区Unripe online discharge is expended by collection of network operation business. On March 29, 2012, small letter registers an user to pass one100 million. Present youth hands in friend to like to use network tool, as a result of small letter need not real name need not Id, also notWith ” true data ” , so, here the face was full of visional, true true and false is false. If this tool is used inOn road, still be very convenient really actually, between the friend a few pictures of can fast e of r of s h a , speech, The character, if use,can be in break the law or on immoral way, this tool is evil, bloodcurdling. Have nowLots and lots of doleful people take this tool ” prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan about ” , just as its n

ame implies, take namely play ONS (n of o n夜上海论坛 eChinese of d of n of a of t of s of t of i g h does not explain, everybody understands)Two youths, each other is not acquainted, never seek a range, just talked about a few in small letter, perhaps sent each otherA few pieces of photo, meet for the first time after drinking a thing to perhaps have a meal, common 上海本地龙凤自荐女ERman can act somewhat. Bold perhaps meetJump directly 18 ban, perhaps can communicate recreantly slowly. However, a today’s news makes my feeling fine much. A beautiful season girl of 17 years old, with small letter ” shake, can know the stranger around ” function, notFavour shook hellion. The thing is such: Guilty suspect Zhang Mou, knew Henan with shaken functionSpit, made an appointment to meet afternoon one of these day, zhang Mou’s friend also went. After meeting for the first time, everybody eats a meal to drink. Wait for spit to drink tall later, zhang Mou and friend are wearing spit to enter a public house, drink so that the spit of dizzy is procrastinated to enter438 room, of add of friend land add go in to rape spit. After passing more than 20 minutes, monitoringKinescope pats Qiang of stagger of spit nude Liang walk into elevator, already mind is not clear, got on 5 buildings the hall turned two rounds, Next spit jumped fro上海2020龙凤m the window, ended the life of him pattern time, relevant crime su夜上海论坛网EFspect gotLegal penalty. After watching this paragraph of news, can’t help in my heart exclaim, well chatting tool, well green time, Well a few youths, for oneself temporarily actuation and paid extremely heavy price, parents contains Xin RuSuffering raised ten years, did not have so, how regrettablly ah! If we maintain clean spirit, if we are not actuation, if we do not abuse small letter, if IPeople have morality, if we know a way abide by the law, that won’t appear in that way tragic, won’t allow a few good homesFront courtyard becomes broken up. Of the thing good with bad in mastering completely in ourselves hand. Reasonable using small letter is boundless good, but useUndeserved, small letter, it is deadly. It is deadly.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-10-5 21:07 editors7 editors