上海花千坊1314of pistil of An Qi admire (2)

all6of pistil of 上海贵人千花网HGAn Qi admire (2)              Pistil of An Qi admire (2)” ha, pistil you let go, sit from the back come. ” the girl of skirt of dress school uniform is riding bicycle, in the playgroundrun to learn to ride on the road, the hair that reachs a shoulder waves along with wind medicinal powder after cerebral spoon, a pair of bright pupil bend good-looking arc, Laugh very nobly, there still is a lovely dimple on nice smiling face. Wearing school uniform skirt to be being helped up likewise after one’s death in herThe long hair girl of bicycle hears character to unlock both hands, after sitting adroitly to bicycle next, sit, the hand is encircling sheet to cycle girlwaist, admire a head to look at former afterbrain spoon slightly, originally greatly bright double look also engraves a turn to become here good-lookingArc. ” ha, dishy! So fast go to school is met, hey, sit good cough up, the elder sister takes you to go for a spin. ” one’s voice in speechFall, the force

below the foot begins accentuation to accelerate, bicycle speed is groggy fast rise. ” chuckle cough up, you are bit slower, wait for next bumping into carefully. ” phonate of mirth of long hair girl, both hands clasp bingleThe girl’s waist. ” hey, sit good cough up, if bumped into that,we make pair of desperate an affectionate couple, hahaha. “Long hair girl just thought deride and taunt she, as a result true firm chance encounter is worn scratch, bicycle wheel Zhan goes to on trackOutstanding cobble, shook a few times to fall in aside; Drop on the meadow that sits outside track, the two people in the accidentBe astounded first look at the other side, caught what wanton to laugh. ” ha, this should feel distressed dead puppy, new fall to the ground before long bicycle was thrown by me so. “” you are not afraid that he talks about a month of one or two in your side side. ” long hair girl laughs. ” hey, I am not afraid of, if this nods sacrifice not be willing to part with or use, then he also does not think from me here your spirit away. “Bingle girl is crafty laugh; “… be disinclined to manage you. ” long hair girl became white she is one, lay down come personally, double eyeSmall narrow one’s eyes. Bingle girl also lays down by her, side head looks at her to highlight fine side face. ” birthday is happy. Pistil “Grow small turn of hair girl corners of the mouth, close double eye to experiencing free and pure and fresh breath, ” 16 years old, elder sister “” be, time is really fast. ” An Qi extends finger gently move back and forth in her long hair. ” pistil, good not, the new student reports for duty day cannot be late, fine jade fine jade should waiting for us early. ” Zhang Xin is inOf the insecurity inside the sitting room cry to daughter room; Today is the day that admire snow matriculate reports for duty. ” good, mammy. Did dad land become good not? “” your dad ground follows fine jade fine jade mammy is in early wait for us downstairs. “Brand-new car anchor is outside university door, their An Qi that Mu Rui comes down to see before going up, be received; HowFine jade enter Y two years early big, mu Rui is this year the high component that admits a mark a f夜上海最新论坛HGew minutes with tower above takes an examination of Y big, in thisIn, an Qi still compares her two tall, they still are together. The university gets time besides begin the first semester, other time is very enough; Y is Y city greatly mostThe school of the name, besides the beauty that because because Y is greatly,its position downtown is returned,gave a name is much. Install early before 2 yearsFine jade into school when have a commotion with respect to Ceng Yin, now of Mu Rui into officer is same cause a not small storm. ” hey, small pistil. ” inside the dormitory, an Qi sighs with very helpless mood, “You look, this isThe a fewth schoolboy that stands below to wait for you so. ” say, the eyes is a bit dim. ” do not know, who loves to go etc. ” Mu Rui buries a literature in her to go up originally, to such circumstance alreadyGradually coma. Install fine jade collect to arrive opposite her locally, the coltish forehead to her is blowy, blow the bang before her forehead random, Becaus上海后花园419FH上海龙凤自荐区HTe mark itchs the Lie with the complacent about that laughs gradually opened corners of the mouth,look at her. ” chuckle cough up, you are bad, often bully a family so. ” the pillow that admire pistil take everything into one’s own hands crosses a bed to go up is stricken at onperson; An Qi both hands is holding a pillow in the arms, chin above pillow is worn, a pair of bright eye decide surely looking at the person on, the mouthHorn is moved, did not give out sound to come however. The time of the university passes very quickly, imperceptible, mu Rui has come in two years, an Qi is big also 4. AdmireBirthday of 20 years old got on for pistil. Admire pistil birthday that day, an Qi will to her home follow her to celebrate, what admire pistil parents feels the daughter is already true is grown, made a small-sized group in the home so to celebrating. This day, an Qi prepared for ages; This day, beside Mu Rui much the person that never existed past. ” elder sister, this is the first my boy friend, he is outstanding. ” Mu Rui follows Introduction An Qi happily, she hopesReceive An Qi’s blessing. ” ah, congratulation you, find the person that oneself like eventually. ” An Qi’s forthright laugh, eye ground has notBright bleak. ” hum, he is very good to me. ” seem to cooperate this word like, outstanding the kneads Mu Rui head that bestows favor on be addicted toHair, such tenderness lets person sense prickle a bit. ” hum, that is good. ” this word is that evening last conversation, an Qi with the body unwell in advance went back. ” pistil, how to see An Qi will look for you recently? Did you go out some very Mo problem? ” fair carOn, outstanding the hand that holding Mu Rui is close, side head asks. Mu Rui is looking at the scenery of ceaseless thrill through outside the car, laugh slightl上海千花 女生自荐y, ” do not have. “Outstanding the dedicated expression that looking at her, hang down slightly eye. The Y city October is close to Qiu Mo, the leaf by university path fell one ground, an Qi goes silently in this to fallOn the leaf, hear, they feeling is very stable now, pistil very happy. An Qi smiles, towards teach highestly inside schoolGrind the building goes. Inside campus quiet be broken suddenly afternoon by blare. In December when, y city issued the first snow. Admire pistil station is teaching grind the top layer of the building, admire a head slightly, feelingGetting the cold wind of night. This one night, religion grind building there come out again blare; Outstanding when arriving, Mu Rui liesIn pool of blood, quiet expression is on the face, small turn of corners of the mouth. Outstanding the body that holding Mu Rui in the arms quivers ceaselessly, he alsoDo not cry not to cry, just holding in the arms so. In January when, outstanding a diary discovers when arranging Mu Rui’s hangover. ” 10 years ago, I follow elder sister understanding, her stand or fall, ability first time met to kiss me readily… “” today is we know 10 anniversary, anniversary… ah, how be like family loversMarry commemoration day is same. “” the elder sister is taking me today truant, really mad, the wind that Y town mart building carries on the head is very big air is very good… “…” 16 years old, learn to rode bicycle to fall with the elder sister today, I lie on the meadow to feel very good, becauseThe elder sister also lies beside. “” a schoolboy runs today confess, he is very irritated often follow me, the elder sister is in recently busy take an examination of an university, dash forwardLike that very be agitated. “” the elder sister is taken an examination of smoothly on Y became big, she says to wait for me greatly in Y. “” the school had an activity to put a holiday a long time today, y runs to visit an elder sister greatly when need not attending class afternoon, inSchool gate mouth sees the schoolboy with a long good-looking pretty is in talk with the elder sister, the eyes that he looks at an elder sister very dazzling, IDo not like. “” the school arranged a chair of teenage love doubt today, when saying to see a person if have,blush, Heartbeat, attaching waits that is to say a moment to like to go up this individual. “” understanding is so long, facial hearts jumped to be done not have, just very attaching. “” the aunt says to want to prepare to seek a target to the elder sister in our home today, she says the elder sister was done too hard, attend a collegeSo long did not take a boy friend. , aunt with respect to the elder sister a daughter. “” cried secretly today, a schoolboy follows my confess, was rejected by me, I ask after all when he leavesLike how person, waiting for what kind of person; How should I tell him I am waiting for forever impossible alsoThe person that reach. “” if have next all one’s life, wish we are no longer be together with such identity. “…” 20 years old of birthday, I am being taken today outstanding appear before the elder sister, what I laugh is very happy, just the heart hasThe dot is painful, do not know how. “” outstanding very good to me, the old friend that knows ability half an year not to arrive to feel seeming was to know however a lot of years obviously… “” 3 days ago, my world broke down completely, so he think self-righteously is good for everybody thing howeverBecame forever painful, you are true firm, do not give me the chance even all! ? “The diary decides case to be here, outstanding the diary closely catch in the hand, hold a head high to close double key point, deep suction mouthAngry, there is apparent tired look on the face. — — — — — be over — — — — — –The affection of this part comes down down development of the first part, it is plan daughter originally was the same as, do not cross hereis complete fiction. is complete fiction.. 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