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all20A spring dream of bonze  A spring dream of bonze  In the intense debate classics that experienced 3 days of 3 night, the 18 copper person that broke through a foul wind and a rain of blood blast, give again should be worth divisionElder brother filled in after two pairs of insole, I fight a way of a blood eventually, the international that will long for day and night is metropolitan — Tie Ling. The purpose of visit basically is to promote Buddhist doctrine, have Buddhism communication. No matter your letter is not believed, anyway I also notLetter, the accountant because of fane — Great Master of dead dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, I had explained before I go out: Whats are false, do someSilver of help sb to deal with an emergency just is kingcraft! Weather gradually cool, qiu Dong’s dress still does not have assured source; The Bodhisattva in temple resembles coloured drawing or patternHad flaked; Cost of property of or else capture is about power cut of cut off the water supply stops gas; Most the most important, abbot already two chapel are done not haveHad eaten the meat, disposition is very irratable上海后花园论坛体验 recently, to the division below younger brother blame hits elder brother to be scolded namely, do now everybody fartGet clamp, carry a the pubic region is enraged, carry down intestines, chan上海花千坊1314ge a noisy belch to give hit, halitosis you alwaysCannot get angry again, let a few your months did not send toothpaste to everybody…The word although so say, but which have money so good want, great Master of dead dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed says, oppidan is foolish mo爱上海DFney is much, want to search onlyThe individual’s much place sits, put down alms bowl, close an eye, natural somebody goes fund inside throw. Be apt to, father sat in this two time, at present the results of battle in alms bowl is: Two a 5 wool, one wool, 32 minutes, 4 a minute (can you still search now get distributing money? Oppidan has ability too) , two bagasse, Still one fizzles out phlegmy! Request almsgiver, I this is alms bowl, not be cuspidor, quality, note quality! ! Look at cuspidor, lean, wrong, look at the 8 wool money in alms bowl, I am about to cry really do not have a tear. “Of the skyThe sun is really beautiful, where is today’s dinner? ” at this moment, suddenly the feeling has ponytail to had swept my face. Well, be not to let raise draught animal in the city? How can you have a horse? Day order is small open, contest, a garment is not myThe benefactress of body stands at the back of of deficient monk. Long leg is like jade, erect and stand, bright red lip is opened gent

ly, expiratory be like orchid, mostLetting what I am overcome is a black hair that be like crow, with respect to the hold up on the top of the skull in me ah hold up, mi Tuo… Buddha, female applyAdvocate are you to want Gan Shu? Forgive is deficient monk long Shi Dabao, before Buddha old, also can be strong year, the body of boy! Immediately I am deep and remoteThe door is tightened, mind ases if ten thousand horses galloping ahead-going full steam ahead. The forehead drips a god ah! Not not, the forehead drips a Buddha ah, do not take so testOf the person, I arrive from in the morning water rice was not entered now, you were rectified again so beautiful porcelain baby comes, this calls deficientHow was the monk gotten composedly. Flashy, countless heroes character is like the rapidly thrill through like shadowgraph in my brain: Blockhouse of blast of Dong Cunrui heroism, huang Jiguang dashs ahead without thinking his safety grab an eye, ou Yanghai an imminent peril bars 爱上海自荐贴Jing horse, qiu Shaoyun intenseFire burns a body… burn a body, burn a body, father now is desire fire burns a body, fault, fault, this calls small monk how bear is gottenah, the heart issues big be astonished. The Shi Shu that remembers I am respected most suddenly — Sai Fan’s Great Master. Last month we two go below hill mendicant. AnswerWhen, before a brook below the foot of a hill, came up against a dress to compare simple spruce daughter-in-law, also be brightThe cheek of clever spirit, white tender tender ability to walk. Be anxious be impassable river, saying is the new shoe that just bought, wetted a manWant to scold. my hesitate when, the Shi Shu that think this mortal world throws upper arm, by the waist carries young a polite form of address for a young woman went up humeral head, bigGround of pace shooting star has waded the river goes, of skill strong and vigorous, also looked not to come out he is a serious rheumatism and humeral Zhou YanPatient. The doubt in my heart, what can say at that time. Arrive quickly to temple door I ask moment Shi Shu: “Say a men and womenGive and accept is not close, what is more,the rather that we are 3 treasure child, how can you carry benefactress to cross a river? “Shi Shuhan laugh says: “I am early had put down that benefactress, how are you still being carried? “A word is like a blow and a shout-sharp warning, sayI am like be filled wisdom immediately. In the heart that admires, be like surging Jiang Shui, run rampant like the Yellow River again, ashamed ah ashamed… but, dear division father’s younger brother, be to put down in your heart, but the waist issues those who rise to still be stuck up high still then, it is why content? Now, stand in my backside, it is female Bodhisattva of a young beautiful. Her what idea, I actuallySolve very. Oppidan plays what thing to play be bored with now, like integral point fresh play meaning, resemble delicacies of every kindEat dirt, begin上海千花网轮胎 rare potherb steamed bread of corn again. Estimation of this female child also is the sand that ” have experienced great things is a hard job to water “Field veteran, had read a person countless, this is to take me today this strong boy monk has sth special to eat. Hey, notThink my whats do not understand, before our temple opened an Internet bar last year, younger brother of our senior fellow apprentice often vends bit of temple inThe thing gives an Internet bar the employer, change some of online time. I still am in the whole world is the most arrogant the adult website SIS of B has done spotBamboo, they get online not dare divulge is true information, whole what tiger, of what dragon. I am not afraid of, IStraight successional profession tells everybody: Old patchwork vestment worn by a Buddhist monk sweeps the floor! Be afraid of a ball, be an upright person have to magnanimous! Today, this benefactress is in namely tease me, the flirtation of bare fruit fruit, the egg is decided! The egg is decided! I am right in the heartOneself say: You are returned now is a small Sramanera only! Female Bodhisattva, you are waiting, wait for me to repair Cheng Zhengguo, when upper part a unit of lengthThat day, join in all with you again certainly jubilate buddhist…”Card spy ” , swimming in my fetch the four seas, together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind when, did not know to come out from where so oneSentence, the benefactress behind waves to go however, still waved a ” how so a long time ah, be overcome really that flavour… ” what circumstance? Be apt to, was troubled by a long time, father was become to others setting. Join a court unexpectedlyBreathe out to also be not hit, this is fokelore is medium pat secretly, was finished, should heat up again immediately on the net pass ” of ” bonze door. This should be passed in the ear of abbot, is that returned need not example of those temple compasses Buddha kill of my while still alive? Lane is not dead also want by salivaFoam star child while still alive drowns! Stop, under the circumstances, had done not have leeway, father is flat establish the ground to become Buddha! Hear pretty of circle of movie and TV is goodMix, now is good luck coincidence surely, dim in the hint that gives me, why not… ? “Director… immortal elder sister… , wait a moment… my meeting wushu… I love to bathe… “PS: This is the scratch when brother plays an intent to do Chinese ink activity an article, already gave a mark, it is rich only everybody laughs, do not give a mark again please! 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