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A lot of people arrive is not the health of body and mind of very advertent oneself usually, no matter be,match with food the level, Zuo is to be on the life, did not have regularity completely, if things go on like this can be brought about issue gives in the stomach, for example the situation with bad intestines and stomach, recuperate the acupuncture point path of taste, include very varied oneself to be in the home can measurable massage, but if hold not quite good range,get a word, can the loss outweights the gain, it is not OK that advertent range wants when the whole process of massage overweight, also can not pass light, comfortable it is best yes.

Intestines and stomach is bad this how to do

1, it is medium first most Wan acupuncture point

Wan acupuncture 上海水磨会所

point is the very crucial acupuncture point path in cure enteron disease in, it is located at the center of of bladebone lower part and line of navel eye couplet, probably in navel eye upgrade one palm is in. Point to pressure when massaging, make the same score lie, release pressure muscle, vent his anger to use diastolic pressure of finger exert oneself to do sth at the same time slowly at the same time, when 6 seconds are controlled, leave the hand, relapse 10 times, can make the stomach feels comfortable. In be chosen when gastralgia Wan acupuncture point points to control a standard practical effect more actor.

2, take second place is day center acupuncture point

This acupuncture point is located at navel eye to control two thumb wide part. The patient can be made the same score go up in the bed, with 2 minutes of Zuo are being made an appointment with here. Of day 南漳微信小程序开发

center acupuncture point advocate smelt metal symptom includes dyspeptic, disgusting vomiting, stomach to go up, diarrhoea, bellyacke.

3, receive going down is sufficient 3 lis

Sufficient 3 lis of point are outer 4 horizontal strokes point to genu right before one’s eyes, gambrel edge. In the patellar below of knee joint, can touch protruding piece (gambrel) of two side condyle, thereby straight outside, inclined lower part a bit, also have another protruding piece (fibula is small) . Line of couplet of bone of these two protruding is bottom to be made downward one triangle. triangular end points, more sufficient 3 lis of acupuncture point. Press 6 seconds left and right sides gently to leave the hand, relapse 10 times, can drive gastric juice metabolization, make the stomach feels comfortable, and still can have acetanilide effect.

4, hind should choose rub celiac cure

Choose sit or vertical, two tactics folds the abdomen below palm buy hilum, arrange hour hand massage for the management center with hilum, make an appointment with 3-5 to divide Zuo , take a walk a little while since the station, general appropriate is begun in the half an hour after eat.

Intestines and stomach bad how take good care of sb

Massage is helpful for gastric bowel digesting absorb, applicable what Xu Han of eating overmuch, taste causes is indigestible, abdominal distension. Below shares a few kinds of small kind that are helpful for gastric bowel, it is me completely in the doctor there seek advice abstruse!

A. In massage stomach, take a stomach with thrust in, turn over directional roll around vermeil circle closely, ten minutes OK;