What is the reason that sexual life of the turn of life bleeds

Woman the turn of life is each woman coming to certain age is arrival level, after reaching woman the turn of life, the lady can give wave motion of state of mind to wait for report of close youth budding greatly. Generally speaking the female that what woman the turn of life points to is 40 years old of above, but have the tendency of in advance in last few years, a lot of ladies give when more than 30 years old woman the turn of life, be worth what carry is, goes out in also a lot of ladies mirror husband and wife of woman the turn of life to live sanguinary state, what reason plac南京水磨会所

e is this those who cause?

? ? Likely following account place causes haemorrhage of sexual life of woman the turn of life, 1. Cervix cyst: Cervix cyst is one kind grows development is inside cervix uterus film, or one kind be the film inside cervix uterus does not have wool, vermeil or La Zi is lubricious, appearance resembles the tumour of finger. Cervix cyst is very sensitive, it is inside cervix dash forward show, can not have very easily ache cleared.

? 2. Disease of infectivity of the microzyme inside the vagina: The bacterium inside the vagina grows development is overmuch. The symptom has commonly: Vaginal itching, aching, have peculiar smell, leucorrhoea is unusual wait.

3. endometritis: Endometritis namely uterine wall infection.

4. uterus is polypous: Protect when uterine wall wear, and outside creating uterine wall, extend, extend lonely palace, can cause uterine polyp. The woman that has uterine polyp personally can be among physiology period give to bleed. Other disease includes: Sexual intercourse bleeds, menstruation is overmuch, bleed after woman the turn of life, taking feed male hormonal cure medicine period inside give to bleed etc. In lonely palace lens examination art assists next beginning shave is treated except the operation, it is a pretty good settlement means.

? ? Above is to may cause what sexual life of woman the turn of life bleeds to want completely, give when this kind of state, lady of woman the turn of life ends life of husband and wife as far as possible, watch subsequently check a paragraph of , if still have,bleed the state should see a doctor to hospital outpatient service instantly. Because the body situation of female of woman the turn of life is individual, the state that if give really,bleeds also is some kind of bodeful disease likely very. If did not bleed state, ought to not have shadow part of the day, the body that the state bleeding previously should be a female just caused change to give the report of accordingly.