The harm of hormone contraceptive method

Grow hormone is urgent use contraceptive have a lot of sort, a few people are done not have to below the circumstance of contraceptive measure a bit basic common sense, grow what follow suit blindly for self-selection hormone is urgent contraceptive means will use contraceptive for oneself measure, actually in that way method is damaged to human body is very big, take for a long time grow hormone is urgent use contraceptive so that the word still can continue to cause very big undesirable effect, if show level to had not given birth to pregnant to get a word, we all of that Zuo my proposal had better not apply surely urgent use contraceptive, because pregnant of urgent contraceptive opposite also has harm, does that Zuo grow what does the harm of hor上海各区gm资源汇总DFmone contraceptive measure have after all?

If have life of husband and wife, avoid easily with respect to scarcely want contraceptive measure. Behind development trend of the mankind all the time conceal wears a lot of contraception measure history. Want to understand, accompanying the development of new and high science and technology, simple and easy and convenient urgent contraceptive assistance a lot of problems that fed lubricious men and women to solve contraceptive measure. But, also be to a lot of people are aimed at urgent contraceptive action reachs his to side-effect puts some doubt. That Zuo , take prophylactic to have corrupt practice to human body?

Urgent contraceptive malpractice has how o[……]


Be plunged into by nail the foot has small macula

Be nailed not carefully to plunge into a foot by steel, although dress shoe, but steel hammer is too long too keen, Zuo was to plunge into the skin in, although not deep, but also be very those who ache, gradually good hind disclosure stays had macula. Be nailed to plunge into a foot to have macula by steel the state is very extensive, if do not have the disease that has unwell feeling, because steel nailed a few dirty stuffs to enter skin surface,be probably. Natural, if be cut,infection was bothered.

One, was nailed to plunge into a foot by steel, good hind, the area that plunge into has a small macula how to should do

This question is not big, the likelihood awaits上海千花网论坛 a few dirty stuffs to be sent cuticular layer in those days, if already produced scar cyst this morning, the watch already was controlled tomorrow morning. If strut did not wait sorely, can need not solve. If have strut ache, or it is other and unwell feeling, can go to a hospital choosing operation cure. Can watch actually check a paragraph of later in clear.

2, after the foot is nailed to plunge into by steel, cut decrescent macula is serious

Patient share may go infection, the part begins alcohol or proposal patient plays a bit treat is it is iodic bend over the disinfection that disinfects fluid is antiseptic solve, the clinical symptom that the patient alludes and tetanus did not have instantly associated, but patient Zuo is the injection that ought to begin tetanic antitoxin, preven[……]


Don’t those people suit to sleep hard board bed?

Morpheus quality is aimed at us and character is very crucial, enough sleep can the stronger fitness that promotes human body, and be opposite the head and heart everywhere human body organ is to have very big profit, and the dormitory bed quilt that fall asleep also is Morpheus qu南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所ality in the one part of outbalance, and hard bedstead and soft mattess are 2 daily life is relatively universal kinds, general situation temporary lodging during a trip is growing the child inside development period is unfavorable sleep hard bedstead, if cause rachis side turn,wait.

What person is unfavorable sleep hard bedstead?

The intensity of dormitory bed wants because of the person different. Especially the baby of development of adolescence of vest in development, if sleep solid bed cushion, instead can bring about skeleton depauperate, and even stay have ” rachis side protruding ” safe hidden trouble. A piece of comfortable bed cushion not only strong point your human body, still make you optional on its move. Conversely, sleep on a piece of hard soft mat, your body building cannot get bearing force, instead makes Morpheus quality turned a physical strength into work. Research makes clear sleep in the evening on hard soft mat back blood circulatory system of the person is broken eventually, ill-natured deformation, consequently the character of all Morpheus quality is reduced.

Not certain person can sleep hard bed

In the consciousness of a lot of people, sleep hard[……]


Acetone has what harm to human body

Toluene is a kind of chemical things, use in industry to produce the level commonly. The risk factor of toluene is relatively high, if do not take care that kind of good luck, can bring about what the mouth does glossal dry, vomiting to feel, the condition may bring about recognizant obstacle badly. A lot of people can think if that is advertent need not the passageway is good, not be actually, if the composition of engulf also is possible meeting too much,bring about dazed, disgusting keck, the condition may be caused badly insensible. Detailed introduced to allow in detail in article, together look look.

One, the harm of acetone

1, to be taken orally: Guttural and the lip after to be taken orally, glowing feeling, do glossal dry, vomiting, lethargy not to wake via the mouth can arising after the crises of several hour, acid is light in spend and ketosis, and even obstacle of brief sex consciousness. Toluene is endangered to the long-term sex of the body, if the excitant disease that main show is cross-eye weeps, the eye is afraid that light and canthus film are epithelial invade embellish to wait, basically still can behave feel for swimmy, burn, guttural excitant, cough.

2, engulf: ? ?00ppm of ǘ Rong Di is following without the influence, the meeting is excitant among 500 ~ 1000ppm nose, larynx, can send when 1000ppm have a headache and have dazed give . Dazed, drunk feeling, tired can be caused to sleep when 2000 ~ 10000 Ppm, disgusting keck and vomiting,[……]


Steam blind fold has what profit

Double eye is one individual circumstance states organ of very remarkable a human body, false consistent individual is long-term quality sack time is not abundant, or be it is daily life work and rest not the rule gets a word to be able to be in amply double eye above report goes out. Because this a lot of people arrive on the whole process that skin nurses,need to learn to rise from double eye, and protect skin to taste about what double eye can apply very much, amid is calorific blind fold is OK and reasonable institute of complement double eye wants water share. Have a look to be opposite about calorific blind fold together now the effect of the body.

Can calorific blind fold wear one dark

Calorific blindfold can wear one dark.

Vapour Morpheus blind fold, call steam hot compress blind fold again, hot compress blind fold. Choose outstanding initiative hot temperature control is technical, the water portion in letting air and metallic powder are achieved in ministry of of Morpheus blind fold calorific implement, change into institute of eye giving a person to do not have the tiny and gentle vapor that the law sees. It is to answer eye ministry nurses the demand of the market and the commodity of the name of a kind of versatility that product research and development goes out, with its but quantity of heat of spontaneity generation hair, cause steam and and famous.

This kinds of commodity is one-time use, use namely to leave namely model commodity, health is sa[……]


What calls shepherd’s purse

Crowndaisy chrysanthemum makes much authority had eaten merely probably, but from did not have had heard this kind of full name, actually this kind of food still has more easy to read and understand the full name that knows easily, it is sweet Lai, this dish type eats a to be able to feel to have a very grumous scent, can be begun as food cook, still can serve as a kind of complementary material, add the flavor in characteristic cate, can accomplish extract little practical effect first-rately, it is a kind of food that a lot of people like.

Crowndaisy chrysanthemum (alias of I)(of à of J ì C: Capsella Bursa-pastoris(Linn. ) Medic. ) , it is a general designation that dicotyledon key link, the mustard family, Ji belongs to greenery Ji, a year or biennial herb, tall 10-50 centimeter, do not have wool, somebody to issue odd wool or bine of fork wool; to stand, onefold or send a branch from below. Base foliation is fascicular show lotus shape, collapse of state of high proportion palm, top lobation egg to long annular, side lobation 3-8 is right, long annular to egg model, coping gradually pointed, shallow crack, or have not the rule is上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所 thick foliation of bine of; of dentate or close whole predestined relationship is narrow wrap around needle form or wrap around needle form, for上海水磨会所 上海水磨会所m of pointed ministry arrow, hold a bine in the arms, edge has a notch or dentate.

Racemose top is unripe reach axil to be born, calyx grows annular; flower ivory, egg, have sho[……]


The odds that bang of first time bang is pregnant

Everybody is aimed at when sexual life is to be able to be pregnant this one problem takes seriously especially, these still do not think everybody is pregnant lady when sexual life is to use a few contraceptive methods, use condom for example, take prophylactic or be it is ligation operation and its belt annulus these. And some people are when sexual life too cross excitement to be able to return this kind of situation that did not use contraceptive method, fall in the circumstance of first time especially, is bang of that Zuo first time bang pregnant odds how many money?

If the lady is to be in,oviposit period is pregnant namely the odds that crises is pregnant is very big, although do not have,be to have be pregnant likely, because fluid of a few love when bang is medium,also contain the male spermatozoon of certain amount, it was entered also is to have pregnant possibility inside the vagina, natural and mere possibility is not to carry out an opinion without doubt: Have be pregnant likelihood but probability relativity wants a little bit small, what ought to 5% fluctuation are pregnant is likely, want to play after the proposal with respect to security amuse oneself, wear condom to play, use contraceptive already measure prevents a disease to was not killed again to health of body and mind again, it is most security is best yes method,

A few contraceptive means:

1, safe period use contraceptive

Be aimed at these physiology are periodic in daily life the l[……]


Female frigidity

Sexual life is a couple a kind of way that each other push become enamoured to feel, divide at ordinary times beyond daily life, the life of husband and wife between husband and wife is very important also, harmonious husband and wife lives, can make feeling of husband and wife more harmonious, little imagine, accompany those who follow an age to expand, after reaching its elder sister to meet various reason, cause the husband and wife between husband and wife to live more and more already not that Zuo new Zuo , and even can give sex Leng Tan, show information according to information of relevant survey data, amid female frigidity is occupied occupy it is quite big.

Female frigidity is much, also have a reason, most first man of constitutional be not a patch on, give the possibility of kidney empty very easily, have again even if female friend should attend the life daily life of the family, attend child, feeling is all on the body that is used in the family. Vigor is not amounted to on. What does the fashion that cure female frigidity introduces below have:

Sexual Leng Tan’s patient wants cleared actuating pressure, center attention to promote itself and another joy, search the account that cleared sexual desire drops. Groups small not only the negative sentiment that should solve oneself, also should assist a sweetheart to span together this kind of psychogenic disorder. The character that lets a sweetheart understand a problem and likelihood reason, let[……]


Inside potato nigresc上海龙凤1314ent

Potato everything is normal tonal should be hair is flaxen or it is to have a few green ivory, but give black group or the potato that are black hair, with respect to vest in already the potato that mildew changes, no matter be to did not have,perfect, Zuo is to give mildew to change already, after applying, be possible meeting causes diarrhoea, burn feeling, dazed, have a headache or be the toxic state such as vomiting, this kind of blackening potato is inedible, as a result of inside can appear a few not quite good essence.

Potato inside blacken poisonous

Potato inside blacken can cause endotoxin.

General new Zuo potato contains a kind to call Long Kui’s alkaline toxic substance, can be very few, cause not easily toxic. The potato that but unbaked potato is mixed,gives spot of black group, black, contained black nightshade alkaline twice increases, the bromatoxism symptom such as diarrhoea, calcination, dazed, vomiting can appear after taking.


Potato inside black group can eat

Potato inside black group cannot eat.

General potato is put long inside can give the black group, small macula, thing such as black spot, this is disease of potato annulus corrupt actually. See a potato from the surface very everything is normal, but inside press close to rots. Portion of this kind of potato water is very large, a bit hard, additional as move peculiar smell, suggest to desertion.

Sprout potato can eat

Gemmiparous potato also cannot eat.[……]


The man has maiden sentiment wrong

Love maiden without the fault, this kind of self-awareness sets the branch that did not have pair of faults, if as each other appropriate conjugal love knows another blame is maiden before,can be and the law is done not have to cast daughter of temporary lodging during a trip in your heart thought, also pay no attention to the youth that should spend other junior with affection. Because sexual life is the hegemony of each person, maiden only once, once produced sexual behavior,already not was maiden later, if you do not have a law to admit the woman of oneself,be a blame place, do not offend another person please.

Why can the man appear in that way maiden clue? Affection authority expert analyses:

Behind maiden clue, the most general is male honour mood of female low angst. I see shout abuse blame is in a few male angry anger constantly, say they do not deserve to go up get married, the husband is off the rails do not have a qualification to complain, sufferring domestic force also is you deserve…

It is typical sex is male honour mood of female low angst person, inclusive logic is ” seek an account, let a schoolboy be in office again female ” — why furious? Nature is modern male honour female low carries , the allocation that the lady pays attention to pair of oneself human body counterpoises, let them more and more angst.

Another kind of man loves to derogate a female, ground of Suo of Suo of mere says with me ” whether can blame place forget th[……]