Globulin of wild dog immunity is safe

Below general situation, puppy needs vaccine of inject wild dog, and the puppy human body of great majority is completely inside of buy virus and bacterium. After content of false consistent not careful passivity bites everybody, if this one animal did not have injection,wild dog vaccine is very dangerous. Because this Zuo is,ought to give puppy inject wild dog vaccine instantly alertly. If the state of vaccine of person inject wild dog issues Zuo ,be merely ought to of safe clew. Because the structure of human body is multifarious, security of globulin of immunity of person of that Zuo wild dog?

Lay vaccinal person globulin of hydrophobic person immunity and hydrophobic vaccine are the crucial countermeasure that is bitten to compare the person that bite badly to prevent ill hair by the dog, ill ” of mad dog of hydrophobic alias ” , it is the support of the people that causes by hydrophobic poison animal contracts disease of neural system infectivity in all, clinical symptom in order to fear water, the eye is afraid of light, deglutition difficulty, termagancy for crucial characteristic, it is current till the mankind sends dead rate exclusively to achieve the acute contagion of 100% . ” law of prevention and cure of contagion of People’s Republic of China ” will hydrophobic include second kind contagion. The person is hydrophobic in order to of key of person immunity globulin is bitten by wild dog or other mad puppy, the passive immunity that pays broken patien[……]


The remedial method of armour excessive insomnia

Because of armour excessive patient, relatively excited meeting causes internal system nerve is excited, the person meets a lot of disease the causing of occurrence insomnia state, in the light of this kind of state we ought to live alertly the care and maintenance of daily life, prevent to eat hot food of fat feeling feed capable person. Fall asleep not to see exciting novel market before. Foot of hot water bubble can be helpful for us taking dormancy position quickly before Morpheus quality, alleviate our nerve. That Zuo , what does the remedial means of armour excessive insomnia have?

Disease one: Eye ask forring

The disease of the eye is the disease that Jia Kang can see instantly most, normally patient look is met dash forward show, double eye is gazed at or show Jing dread view, the patient often still is accompanied weep, eye eyesight bring down, be afraid that week of smooth, eye is swollen ache etc feel.

Disease 2: Internal system

A上海千花网论坛ccompany those who follow a patient’s condition to last aggravate, the patient basically still can be behaved normally for muscle faint, seldom count myapathies of sex of excessive of this shows armour.

Disease 3: 上海千花网论坛Blood and hematopoiesis function system

Jia Kang can cause patient periphery abscess Wbc amount is a bit small, make the plaque service life of the body is decreased short, and even can give purpuric disease.

Disease 4: Internal system

The thyroid element metabolization that armour excessive disease[……]


How to make flour natural ferment

Te南漳微信小程序开发 南漳微信小程序开发rrain of area of northern region Campagna produces wheat, because this is northward,the key of area common people feeds capable person is with noodle dominant, they make noodle into various about, very have ethical distinguishing feature. A few noodle knead water of the add that use a face instantly it is OK to press, a few noodle need to let wheaten flour send alcohol of course, what for instance everybody often eats is small cake of basket bag, defect feed capable person, how does that Zuo let wheaten flour send alcohol of course? Below says next dough barmy way to groups big.

One, dough barmy means

Were you done small basket bag? Did dough to ferment? So do you understand dough to ferment what method is there? Actual and the following:

2, dough barmy means:

1, add wheaten flour to want proper, with what do oneself old range can add many a little bit, flour of wheat of every 500 grams, add old area 80 grams fluctuate, if use bright yeast, it is OK that flour of wheat of every 500 grams adds 5-10 to overcome;

2, if use bright yeast, can melt its with warm boiled water, press again divide evenly closes in occupying more wheaten than adding flour, buy warm place, wait for its to send alcohol, if use old face, can divide a pace to begin, add old range to knead divide evenly with flour of wheat of smaller part bowl first, make an appointment with 3-4 hour to undertake, knead other and wheaten flour again, reappearance 2-3 hour is OK, be like f[……]


Where is the 5th phalange

Because a skeleton is formed,all condyle of person body is completely, and very important real sense is had among this kind of skeleton and skeleton, what should give agnail is additional, also can affect other nerve tendon, the place that what bone of the 5th Zhi is, the bone joint disease that also can understand oneself in that way gives the circumstance of problem actually to fall in what position, OK also the rapidder position that seeks condyle develops regular examination cure.

State basically

Demit sea is stated mediumly, those who form sole is medium or small long bone. Be equal to the metacarpal of the hand. Be close to tarsus and phalange. In the body, every are suf西安夜网 西安夜网ficient have 5, even at Zuo foot call the first Zhi bone, following it is early or late the 2nd to bone of the 5th Zhi.

Zhi bone cartilage is phlogistic

Major person feels great majority of this ill ill hair and scar are relevant, and accumulate sexual muscle strain relatively the possibility that damages is large, the epiphysis that lives in face of Zhi bone joint board with condyle 南京夜网论坛 南京夜网论坛cartilage of not complete fracture basically cause. Because bone of the 2nd Zhi is good at other Zhi bone,also some of person feels, and be carried nearly in bone of the 2nd Zhi be wrapped to circle by place of bone of the 3rd wedge again, mobile force is least, bone of the Zhi when loading assumes crustal stress bigger, reason is easy cause be short of courage and uprightness necrotic. In[……]


Summertime sexual life should notice to fastened reluctance at 3 o’clock

Life of husband and wife wants summer to fastened reluctance at 3 o’clock alertly. After be about to be over too already early spring, summer can following sb’s heels certainly and come. Summerly fall is the season that multiplies haunt, also be sexual desire hopes relatively excited circumstance falls additionally. But summer is broiling, our mood will be relatively dejected, cross sexual life to be able to suffer its to affect in that way. Below net makes up will introduce next summerly nature lives to want in detail西安夜生活论坛 西安夜生活论坛 advertent at 3 o’clock:

Want to need to notice desudation

Summertime body sweat metabolizes originally much, the appetite that increases sexual love again will be exciting, a lot of people can be aware he still had done not have husband and wife to live, perspired in great quantities already. But, must not thinking to perspire is all regular state more. Foundation of basis traditional Chinese medical science is theoretical, summertime perspiration crosses a long time to live sexual life, the physical strength of the old age in be being caused very easily and weak of its constitution empty overdraws. This kinds of group should be done thoroughly till sweat, after the heartbeat is stable, live sexual life again.



Can the puerpera smoke?夜上海论坛

In life daily life, often can see some people smoke, dan Xiaopeng friend understands smoking to compromise the general principle of health of body and mind, but Zuo of a lot of people is those who change not to drop smoking is chronic, should hint we all is advertent, smoking has a lot of common problems, can not be in for example public smoking, it is not OK to be in especially in Gao Tie motor-car is mixed wait for a place to smoke by plane, otherwise bad influence is met very more serious, smoking great majority is a man completely, also be those who one fraction lady has smoking is chronic, does that Zuo grow p广州夜网 广州夜网regnant woman to you can smoke?

Can pregnant woman smoke?

Incapable. If feed wet nurse Mom,feeding a mother still smoke inside lacteal period word, smoke tar can give quickly to be digested to absorb by little baby in milk. Scientific research shows information, smoke tar has the effect that owe beautiful to the respiratory system of little baby, consequently, nursing a mother had better be can abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, prevent engulf secondhand smoke.

Executive opinion:

For the health of body and mind of darling, should not smoke. Health of Zhu He’s child is restful.

Doing month of confinement after giving birth to a child cannot smoke, smoking oneself is bad to the body be a harm, the constitution is frail during confinement need not smoke the constitution is frail during confinement smoking gets a word thi[……]


Inside potato nigresc上海龙凤1314ent

Potato everything is normal tonal should be hair is flaxen or it is to have a few green ivory, but give black group or the potato that are black hair, with respect to vest in already the potato that mildew changes, no matter be to did not have,perfect, Zuo is to give mildew to change already, after applying, be possible meeting causes diarrhoea, burn feeling, dazed, have a headache or be the toxic state such as vomiting, this kind of blackening potato is inedible, as a result of inside can appear a few not quite good essence.

Potato inside blacken poisonous

Potato inside blacken can cause endotoxin.

General new Zuo potato contains a kind to call Long Kui’s alkaline toxic substance, can be very few, cause not easily toxic. The potato that but unbaked potato is mixed,gives spot of black group, black, contained black nightshade alkaline twice increases, the bromatoxism symptom such as diarrhoea, calcination, dazed, vomiting can appear after taking.


Potato inside black group can eat

Potato inside black group cannot eat.

General potato is put long inside can give the black group, small macula, thing such as black spot, this is disease of potato annulus corrupt actually. See a potato from the surface very everything is normal, but inside press close to rots. Portion of this kind of potato water is very large, a bit hard, additional as move peculiar smell, suggest to desertion.

Sprout potato can eat

Gemmiparous potato also cannot eat.[……]


Let 4 underwear that man situation bans hard oneself

Exceed the man of 50% will vermeil include most the first disgusting garment is tonal, the man of 18% is fed up with weak pink, the man that also has 11% says to be fed up with fleshy pink. Is the clothes that that schoolboy likes after all tonal what be? In fact what they love most is tonal it is the grey black with close look, take second place is white underwear.

According to psychological expert analyse, the garment that female friends can dote on oneself to wear from the boy friend is tonal, watch his manner to privacy.

Gules underwear pursuit is perfect excitant

He dotes on this kind of tonal garment, show he loves extremely passional excitant, when choosing a sweetheart, general fat 南京水磨会所 南京水磨会所of Yu Feng of be fond of, feel this kind of bodily form just can arise excitant, he lies on the bed to like the individual action with new excitant Zuo , and very the report that cares about other one party, divide consideration oneself, also expect to consider another.



These foreplays most let a man be not controlled

Sexual foreplay is harmonious sexual love is necessary prepare ahead of schedule, no matter man woman is indispensable it. Cover according to net of people preserve one’s health, australia brand-new consider to discover, the demand that the schoolboy perfects pair of gender foreplays more is higher. 广州夜网 广州夜网In survey, wife people feel Utopian to all be worth between sexual foreplay for 13 minutes of Zuo , husband people feel Zuo sex foreplay is the most Utopian 18 minutes. Accordingly, induced husbands most foreplay of wanted a few kinds of sexes.

1. performs show of garment of manage to sell gradually

Robert of 40 years old hopes in that way: Her long skirt hold up arrives ham root ministry, two tactics swings in crural ministry, fade drops cotton socks. Remove gradually subsequently shirt button, every remove she meets a button cast the evil spirit eye that will tease toward me, final garment slips from double shoulder bag, this makes person mad too!